This page provides the dates and venues for monthly screenings, film festivals and other significant events.

Monthly Screenings for 2017

The calendars for monthly Tuesday screenings in 2017 at the Arts Centre, Warburton and at the Memo, Healesville are shown below

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February 2017:      


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 14 Feb
Healesville: Tues 21 Feb

  • Australia/Nepal    2015    
  • Documentary   96m    M

Intending to make a film about the 2014 Everest climbing season, writer/director Jennifer Peedom found herself capturing a tragedy that would change Everest forever.

March 2017:           


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 14 March
Healesville: Tues 21 March

  • Netherlands    2008   
  • Drama    130m    MA

A romantic drama that charts the lives of three women who emigrate to post –WW2 New Zealand as war brides.  

Directed by Ben Sombogaart.


April 2017:              


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 11 April
Healesville: Tues 18 April

  • Italy    1997   
  • War comedy/drama      116m    M

When a Jewish librarian and his son become victims of the Holocaust,  the father uses a mixture of will, humour and imagination to protect his boy from the reality of their predicament.  Roberto Benigni directed and starred in this winner of 3 Oscars including Best Foreign Film, 1999.


May 2017:                  


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 9 May
Healesville: Tues 16 May

  • USA/Australia   2015    
  • mystery/thriller    108m   M

A young married couple’s lives are thrown into a harrowing tailspin when an acquaintance from the husband’s past brings mysterious gifts and a horrifying secret to light after more than 20 years.  Australian Joel  Edgerton’s  first feature film as director.  He also stars along with Jason Bateman and Rebecca Hall.

June 2017:              


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 13 June
Healesville: Tues 27 June

  • UK/Mongolia/US      
  • Documentary/adventure    87m    G

This stunningly-shot documentary follows Aishopan, a 13-year-old Mongolian girl as she trains to become an eagle huntress, a vocation traditionally restricted to males in her part of the world.  Directed by Otto Bell.

Please note The Healesville screening has been rescheduled to Tuesday 27June at 7.30pm

July 2017:                


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 11 July
Healesville: Tues 18 July

  • Australia    2016     
  • Drama   85m      M

The chronicle of the life and great love of Otto Bloom, an extraordinary man who experiences time in reverse – passing backwards through the years, only remembering the future.  Featuring  Xavier Samuel as Otto, with Rachel Ward. Directed by Cris Jones.

August 2017:          


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 8 August
Healesville: Tues 15 August

  • UK      1981   
  • drama/romance   124m    M

Director Karel Riesz  interweaves two parallel stories in this adaptation of John Fowles’ celebrated novel.  The first, set in 19th Century England, involves a biologist (Jeremy Irons) who falls for an outcast woman (Meryl Streep).  The second involves the film crew engaged in bringing the first story to the screen.

September 2017:   


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 12 Sept
Healesville: Tues 19 Sept

  • India/Canada  2013    
  • Drama      96m       M

Impoverished Indian street-worker, Mahendra, embarks on a harrowing mission to find his son after becoming convinced that he’s been abducted by child-traffickers.  Directed by Canadian, Richie Mehta, and starring Rajesh Tailang.

October 2017:        


Time: 7.00pm   Please note early start time
Warburton: Tues 10 Oct
Healesville: Tues 17 Oct

  • Germany    comedy/drama – 2015
  • Drama       162 m      M

A career-focused  woman  (Sandra Huller) suddenly has to deal with her estranged father (Peter Simonischek), a compulsive practical-joker.  Both moving and hilarious in equal measure, this has been a hit at many festivals including Cannes 2016.  Directed by Maren Ade.

November 2017:    


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 14 Nov
Healesville: Tues 21 Nov

  • Netherlands – 1988
  • Drama    M

The agony of not knowing can be worse than the pain of loss.  A young couple, Rex and Saskia, stop at a service station while on a driving holiday and Saskia mysteriously disappears.  For three years Rex searches for her obsessively – and then…..   George Cluzier’s chilling psychological thriller is like no other in its building of tension and unease.

December 2017:    


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 12 Dec
Healesville: Tues 19 Dec

  • Australia
  • Documentary        95 m      M

Trevor Graham follows fellow film director, Philippe Mora, as Philippe paints a picture of his father, Georges Mora, and his extraordinary life.  Philippe’s mother, artist Mirka Mora, and French mime, Marcel Marceau, also feature in this lively, colourful documentary.


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Warburton Film Festivals


The 2016 Warburton Film Festival was held over the weekend  Friday 17 to Sunday 19 June  and was well received by large audiences .

The 2017 Warburton Film festival will be held over the weekend Friday 16 to Sunday 18 June 2017.

Healesville Mini-Film Festivals

The 2016 Healesville Mini-Film Festival was held on Sunday 7 February 2016.
The 2017 Healesville Mini-Film Festival will be held on Sunday 5 February 2017. See "Film Festivals” page for details.