This page provides the dates and venues for monthly screenings, film festivals and other significant events.

Important news about our 2022 program for all our 2021 members:

 Special discount rates will apply to your 2022 membership to compensate for the interruptions to our 2021 screenings (see Home Page)



to be held on Saturday, February 5 2022 at 2pm


featuring all films selected for the cancelled Warburton Film Festival 2021 and the announcement of the winners of the major prizes including the Golden Shorts Award which carries a prize of $1000.

This event is open to all YRFS members and the general public .Admission is free but booking is required.


Monthly Screenings for 2022

The calendars for monthly screenings in 2022 at the Arts Centre, Warburton and at the Memo, Healesville are shown below

February 2022:      


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 8 Feb
Healesville: Tues 15 Feb

  • Spain - 2016
  • Comedy/drama   100m   M   (sub-titled)

With the help of her uncle and a friend, a Spanish girl travels across Europe to locate an ancient tree, whose loss has devastated her beloved grandfather. A warm-hearted road movie from director Iclar Bollain and starring Anna Castillo.



March 2022:


Time: 7.30pm   Warburton: Tues 8 March

      * Australia - 2016   Drama - 110m  - M


Time: 7.30pm  Healesville: Tues 15 March 

       * Iceland - 2018     Drama    98m     M    (sub-titled)

Catch-up screenings of these two films from our 2021 program.




April 2022:              


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 12 April
Healesville: Tues 19 April

  • UK - 2013
  • Sci-fi/thriller - 108m   M

A young programmer (Domhnail Gleeson) is selected to participate in an experiment in synthetic intelligence by evaluating a highly advanced humanoid A.I. (Alicia Vikander) designed by a genius billionaire (Oscar Isaac). Despite the sci-fi trappings, Alex Garland's thought-provoking film is essentially dealing with a complex philosophical question: what makes humans human?

Seattle Film Critics Award 2016: Winner - Best Original Screenplay


May 2022:                  


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 10 May
Healesville: Tues 17 May

  • Argentina - 2009
  • Drama    129m   MA    (sub-titled)

A retired criminal investigator (Ricardo Darin) is haunted by an unsolved homicide case from his past and his unrequited love for his former superior.  Juan Camanella"s multi-layered drama is a real spellbinder.

Oscars 2015: Winner- Best Foreign Language Film

June 2022:              


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 14 June
Healesville: Tues 21 June

  • China/France - 2013
  • Drama   100m   G      (sub-titled)

An elderly man and his granddaughter set out on a journey back to his home town with a bird in a cage. This French/Chinese co-production tells a simple, gentle tale with impressive visuals and engaging performances from the central members of the cast. Directed by Philippe Muyl.

Oscars 2015: Official Chinese entry for Best Foreign Language Film category.


July 2022:                


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 12 July
Healesville: Tues 19 July

  • France - 2018 
  • Drama   105m    PG      (sub-titled)

Extraordinary, but true, tale of a 19th century rural postman who spent decades building a palace for his daughter with his own hands. Directed by Nils Tavernier and starring Jacques Gamblin.

August 2022:          


Time: 7.30pm

Warburton: Tues 9 Aug

Healesville: Tues 16 Aug

  • UK - 2016
  • Drama  100m   MA

After surviving a heart attack, a carpenter (Dave Johns) becomes involved with a single mother (Hayley Squires) and her children while battling bureaucratic forces in an attempt to secure a pension. Veteran social realist director Ken Loach is on top form in this hard-hitting and moving film which is not without touches of humour along the way.

BAFTAs 2017: Winner- Outstanding British Film of the Year

September 2022:   


Time: 7.30pm

Warburton: Tues 13 Sept

Healesville: Tues 20 Sept

  • New Zealand - 2019
  • Comedy/drama    96m       M

A rural community rallies around a farmer (Marshall Napier) to help him deal with the loss of his beloved wife. Hamish Bennett's understated, slice-of-life involves the audience with finely observed characters and a strong sense of place through evocative wide screen photography.

Screened at Melbourne International Film Festival 2019

October 2022:        


Time: 7.30pm

Warburton: Tues 11 Oct

Healesville: Tues 18 Oct

   *  Japan - 2015

   * Drama   127m   PG        (sub-titled)

Following the death of their father, three sisters meet their younger half-sister from his second marriage. Hirokazu Koreeda (Still Walking, Like Father Like Son, I Wish) adds to his impressive CV with another of his beautifully observed studies of family life in Japan.

Asian Film Critics Association Awards 2016: Winner - Best Feature




November 2022:  


Time: 7.30pm

Warburton: Tues 8 Nov

Healesville: Tues 15 Nov

  • Australia - 2018
  • Drama     123m     MA    (some sub-titles)

In 2008 a Pakistani terrorist group launched an attack on the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai resulting in the loss of many lives. Director Anthony Maras's film is a tense, heart-pounding retelling of events, highlighting the incredible heroism of staff members such as waiter, Anjun (Dev Patel).

Adelaide Film Festival 2018: Winner - Audience Award for Best Feature.



December 2022:    


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 13 Dec
Healesville: Tues 20 Dec

  • Ireland - 2017
  • Comedy/drama   104m      G

Dan Stevens stars as the author, Charles Dickens in this entertaining reimagining of the origins of the celebrated story "A Christmas Carol". Directed by Bharat Narulli, the film also features Christopher Plummer and Miriam Margoyles.


Warburton Film Festival

The Warburton Film Festival 2022 is scheduled for June 17-19.

Healesville Mini-Film Festival

The 2022 Healesville Mini Film Festival is scheduled for Sunday March 27.
            See "Film Festivals” page for details.