This page provides the dates and venues for monthly screenings, film festivals and other significant events.



Monthly Screenings for 2024

The calendars for monthly screenings in 2024 at the Arts Centre Warburton and at the Memo, Healesville are shown below

February 2024:      


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 13 Feb
Healesville: Tues 20 Feb

• Spain – 2022
• Adventure/comedy • 99m • M

Julian (Alberto San Juan) uses a car-sharing app to cope
with his cash problems. A trip to Madrid with his usual
passenger takes an unexpected turn when two strangers
join them. Directed by Alex de la Iglesia.




March 2024:


Time: 7.30pm

Warburton: Tues 12 March 

Healesville: Tues 19 March

• Poland – 2022
• Drama • 88m • MA

About a donkey’s journey through life, this is a beautifully
shot award-winning film by legendary Polish director Jerzy
Skolimowski. Some scenes representing the donkey’s eye
view depict mankind in all its madness, and its dramatic
impact on the natural world. While not a children’s film,
the story is told without graphic displays of animal cruelty.

April 2024:              


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 9 April
Healesville: Tues 16 April

  • Australia - 1990
  • Comedy/Drama  109m    M

Carl Fitzgerald is down on his luck until he meets Sophie,
a beautiful, Greek girl. He gets a job as a cook, but
accidentally kills a fellow worker. He turns to his unscrupulous
best friend for help and they attempt to dispose of the
body. One of Australia’s most famous comedies with a
star-studded cast including John Clarke, Sam Neill and Zoe
Carides. Directed by John Ruane.

May 2024:                  


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 14 May
Healesville: Tues 21 May

  • Sweden/UK/Finland - 2012
  • Documentary 86m   M 

Talented American musician Sixto Rodriguez, or ‘Sugar
Man’, died in August last year. But a decade ago, he
was the subject of a BAFTA and Academy Award-winning
documentary. Although he had faded into obscurity in
the US, Rodriguez became a huge hit in South Africa, and
was widely rumoured to have died. The documentary
follows two obsessed fans who set out in the late 1990s to
learn the man’s true fate.


June 2024:              


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 11 June
Healesville: Tues 18 June

  • France - 2023

  • Crime/drama    150m   M                           

For the past year, Sandra, her husband Samuel, and their
11-year-old son, Daniel, have lived in a remote town in
the French Alps. When Samuel is found dead in the snow
below their chalet, the police question whether he was
murdered or committed suicide. Their blind son faces a
moral dilemma as a sole witness. Directed by Justine Triet


July 2024:                


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 9 July
Healesville: Tues 16 July

  • Australia- 2023
  • Crime/Drama   105m    MA 

Beautiful, stark and at times uncomfortable, the film
is set in the remote outback town of Limbo where a
detective is called to investigate the cold case murder
of local Indigenous girl Charlotte Hayes. As truths unfold,
the detective gains a new insight into the case from the
witnesses, her family, and the brother of the chief suspect.
Starring Simon Baker as Travis Hurley. Director and writer
Ivan Sen.


August 2024:          


Time: 7.30pm                                                                             

Warburton: Tues 13 Aug                                                               

Healesville: Tues 20 Aug

  • Spain - 2023
  • Comedy/drama  93m    M

Three couples attending a marriage therapy session are
left with instructions from an absent psychologist, leading
to unexpected revelations and a completely unexpected
outcome. Directed by Gerardo Herrero.

September 2024:   


Time: 7.30pm                                                                              

Warburton: Tues 10 Sept -      

Healesville: Tues 17  Sept

  • Australia - 2021
  • Documentary    75m     

An exploration of the timeless relationship between
human civilization and Earth’s rivers. River is a visual and
musical tour-de-force narrated by Oscar nominee Willem
Dafoe. With music by the Australian Chamber Orchestra
and Radiohead, River is a feast of sight and sound

October 2024:        


Time: 7.30pm                                                                                 

Warburton: Tues 8 Oct                                                             

Healesville: Tues 15 Oct

  •   Canada - 2010
  •   Drama  131m   MA        

Canadian siblings travel to the Middle East to solve a family
mystery. Both experience acts of brutality, uncovering a
startling family history, and revelations about themselves.
Directed by Denis Villeneuve.




November 2024:  


Time: 7.30pm                                                                              

Warburton: Tues 12 Nov                                                             

Healesville: Tues 19 Nov

  • USA - 2017
  • Comedy/Drama     105m     MA

A seemingly tranquil 1950s suburban community slowly
self-destructs, and a mysterious home invasion has sinister
consequences for an apparently normal family. Directed
by George Clooney.



December 2024:    


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 10 Dec
Healesville: Tues 17 Dec

  • USA - 1946
  • Drama/fantasy  130m     PG

George Bailey (James Stewart), a desperately frustrated
businessman, begins to believe that people would be
better off if he had never been born. An angel (Henry
Travers) gives George the chance to see how many lives
he has impacted, and how they would be different if he
was never there. Frank Capra directed and produced this
feel-good classic.



When: Saturday February 3 2024

Where: Arts Centre Warburton

Time: 1:00 pm

To book your place, use this link

or call 1300 368 333

Warburton Film Festival

The Warburton Film Festival 2024 is scheduled for June 14-16

Healesville Mini-Film Festival

The 2024 Healesville Mini Film Festival is scheduled for Sunday March 24
            See "Film Festivals” page for details.