This page provides the dates and venues for monthly screenings, film festivals and other significant events.

Important news about our 2021 program for all our 2020 members:

 Your 2020 membership will be carried over to cover all of our 2021 screenings at no further charge.

Monthly Screenings for 2021

The calendars for monthly screenings in 2021 at the Arts Centre, Warburton and at the Memo, Healesville are shown below

February 2021:      


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: no screening- film screened in 2020
Healesville:  screening postponed due to Covid 19 lockdown and rescheduled for Wednesday March 10th

  • UK - 1996
  • Drama   136m  M

When a young black woman discovers that her birth mother is an underprivileged white woman, their ensuing meeting brings family secrets bubbling to the surface. Brenda Blethyn and Timothy Spall are outstanding in one of writer/director Mike Leigh's finest films.

Winner: Best British Film - BAFTA 1997

March 2021:           


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 9 March
Healesville: Tues 16 March

  • Australia - 2019
  • Drama  111m    M  

An Australian photographer (Hugo Weaving) and a South Sudanese refugee (Andrew Luri) grapple with the trauma of a shared war in Ben Lawrence's poignant and morally complex debut feature.

Winner: Best Direction in a Feature Film - Australian Directors Guild Awards


April 2021:              


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 13 April
Healesville: Tues 20 April

  • Spain - 2013
  • Comedy/Drama  108m    M   (sub-titled)

In Spain in 1966 John Lennon was on location for the movie How I won the war. A teacher of English, on a quest to meet him, picks up two hitch-hikers. Javier Camara stars in this warm, humorous film directed by David Trueba.

Winner: Best Film - Goya Awards 2014

May 2021:                  


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 11May
Healesville: Tues 18 May

  • France - 2012 
  • Drama    127m   M (sub-titled)

George (Jean-Louis Trintignant) and Anne (Emanuelle Riva) are retired music teachers. When Anne suffers a stroke, the couple's bond of love is severely tested. Directed by Michael Haneke.

Multi-award winner including Best Foreign Language Film Oscar 2012

June 2021:              


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 8 June
Healesville: Tues 15 June

  • Australia - 2016
  • Drama   110m     M

Indigenous detective, Jay Swan (Aaron Pedersen), arrives in the outback town of Goldstone on a missing persons enquiry and uncovers a web of crime and corruption. This was the second film by Ivan Sen to feature the Jay Swan character following the success of Mystery Road in 2013.

Winner: Best Film - Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards 2017

July 2021:                


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 13 July
Healesville: Tues 20 july

  • Iceland - 2018  
  • Adventure/Drama  98m  M    (sub-titled)

The sole survivor of a plane crash in the Arctic (Mads Mikkelsen in excellent form)  embarks on a deadly trek to make his way back to civilisation in Joe Penna's thrilling "man versus nature" tale.

August 2021:          


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 10 Aug
Healesville: Tues 17 Aug

  • Argentina - 2017
  • Drama - 91m    M   (sub-titled) 

An 88-year-old Jewish tailor runs away from Buenos Aires to Poland where he hopes to find a friend who saved him from certain death at the end of World War 2.  A touching and emotional film, directed by Pablo Solarz and starring Miguel Angel Sola.

Winner: Best Feature Film - Miami Film Festival 2018

September 2021:   


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 14 Sept
Healesville: Tues 21 Sept

  • UK - 1992 
  • Drama/Thriller - 110m       M

A British soldier kidnapped by IRA terrorists soon befriends one of his captors who then becomes drawn into the soldier's world. Directed by Neil Jordan and starring Stephen Rae and Forrest Whitaker.

Winner: Best British Film - BAFTA 1993

October 2021:        


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 12 Oct
Healesville: Tues 19 Oct

  • USA - 1940
  • Drama - 129m      PG

Forced off their land during the Great Depression, a Midwest family sets out for California hoping for better times. John Ford's classic film of John Steinbeck's novel stars Hentry Fonda in one of the key roles of his career.

Winner: Best Director - Oscars 1941

November 2021:    


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 9 Nov
Healesville: Tues 16 Nov

  • Argentina - 2009
  • Mystery/Drama - 129m    MA       (sub-titled)

A retired criminal investigator (Ricardo Darin) is haunted by an unsolved homicide case from his past and his unrequited love for his former superior.  Juan Jose Camanella's multi-layered drama is a real spellbinder.

Winner: Best Foreign Language Film Oscar 2010

December 2021:    


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 14 Dec
Healesville: Tues 21 Dec

  • USA - 1972
  • Comedy   94m      G

The accidental mix-up of four identical overnight bags leads to a series of increasingly wild and wacky situations. Peter Bogdanovich's homage to the screwball comedies of the 30's stars Ryan O'Neal and Barbra Streisand.

Winner: Best Screen Comedy - Writers Guild of America 1973


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