This page provides the dates and venues for monthly screenings, film festivals and other significant events.

Monthly Screenings for 2019

The calendars for monthly Tuesday screenings in 2019 at the Arts Centre, Warburton and at the Memo, Healesville are shown below

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February 2019:      


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 12 Feb
Healesville: Tues 19 Feb

  • France - 2016  
  • Comedy/drama   102m   M (sub-titled)

After being diagnosed with a tumour, a rural doctor (Francois Cluzet) is forced to take on an inexperienced medic (Marianne Denicourt) to assist him. Thomas Litti directs this provincial slice-of-life with warmth and humour.

March 2019:           


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 12 March
Healesville: Tues 19 March

  • UK/France - 2017
  • Satire/Drama   107m  MA

When Soviet Union dictator, Josef Stalin, falls ill and dies, there is a mad scramble for power among the members of the Council of Ministers. Armando Iannucci portrays these historical events with audacious dark humour, without losing sight of the horrors perpetrated by the regime of the time. Stars Steve Buschemi, Michael Palin and Jason Isaacs.


April 2019:              


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 9 April
Healesville: Tues 16 April

  • UK - 2013 
  • Drama  92m    M

A meticulous, solitary council worker, John May, has the task of finding next of kin for people who have died alone. When his department is to be downsized, he doubles his efforts on a final case that will change his life. Eddie Marsan stars in this quiet, thoughtful character study by director Uberto Pasolini.


May 2019:                  


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 14 May
Healesville: Tues 21 May

  • Finland - 2017  
  • Comedy/drama    100m   M (sub-titled)

A poker-playing restauranteur and former travelling salesman befriends a Syrian refugee newly arrived in Finland. Director, Aki Kaurismaki (Le Havre, Leningrad Cowboys Go America), brings his trademark deadpan style of humour to this compassionate tale of the refugee experience. Berlin International FF - winner - Silver Berlin Bear

June 2019:              


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 11 June
Healesville: Tues 18 June

  • Australia - 2017
  • Documentary   84m     G

An aboriginal women's choir from Central Australia travels to Germany to perform German hymns in their own traditional language. Naina Sen wrote, directed and filmed this finely-crafted and inspiring story of the choir members and their charismatic musical director, Morris Stuart.

July 2019:                


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 9 July
Healesville: Tues 16 July

  • Norway - 2016   
  • Drama  133m  M (sub-titled)

On April 9, 1940 the German war machine arrived in Oslo, capital of the then neutral country of Norway. The Norwegian king faced a choice that would change his country forever. This is an engrossing, character-driven drama about a little-known aspect of World War 2. Directed by Eric Poppe. Norwegian entry for "Best Foreign Language Film" Oscar, 2017.

August 2019:          


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 13 August
Healesville: Tues 20 August

  • UK - 1983
  • Comedy/drama  111m  PG

An American oil company sends a man to Scotland to buy up an entire village where they want to build a refinery. But things don't go as expected. Scottish director, Bill Forsyth, enchanted audiences with this delightful film, following his earlier success with Gregory's Girl. Stars Peter Riegert and Burt Lancaster.

N.B. This title will now be screened in December

September 2019:   


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 10 Sept
Healesville: Tues 17 Sept

  • Italy - 2015  
  • Comedy/drama      124m   MA

A retired orchestra conductor (Michael Caine) is on vacation in the Alps with his daughter (Rachel Weisz) and his best friend, a film director, (Harvey Keitel) when he receives an invitation to perform for Prince Phillip's birthday. Having won the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 2013 for The Great Beauty, Paolo Sorrentino followed up with this cinematic and visually stunning drama.

October 2019:        


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 8 Oct
Healesville: Tues 15 Oct

  • France - 2017
  • Drama       89m   M  (sub-titled)

A mature woman, Aurore (Agnes Jaoui) feels that life is passing her by until she accidentally runs into the great love of her younger years. She is determined not to end up on the scrapheap. Blandine Lenoir's endearing "coming-of-middle-age" film has its women characters front and centre.

November 2019:    


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 12 Nov
Healesville: Tues 19 Nov

  • Australia - 2017
  • Drama   85m    M

In the middle of a crowded city the paths of two strangers collide, setting in motion a night of adventure and connection. Actor David Wenham's feature directorial debut is a sweet, romantic drama with the city of Sydney as a backdrop. The two young leads are Emily Barclay and Benedict Samuel.

December 2019:    


Time: 7.30pm
Warburton: Tues 10 Dec
Healesville: Tues 17 Dec

  • UK - 1969
  • Comedy/crime   99m    PG

Fresh out of prison, Charlie (Michael Caine) plans to steal a gold shipment from the streets of Turin by creating a massive traffic jam and escaping using Mini Cooper cars. This fondly-remembered classic caper movie was a huge hit on its original release. Directed briskly by Peter Collinson and also featuring Noel Coward, Benny Hill and John Le Mesurier.

N.B. This title will now be screened in August


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Warburton Film Festivals

The 2019 Warburton Film Festival will be held on 14 - 16 June 2019

Healesville Mini-Film Festivals

The 2019 Healesville Mini Film Festival will be held on Sunday 3 March 2019
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