Film Festivals

This page provides details of the most recent Warburton Film Festival and the next Warburton Film Festival. Details of Mini-Festivals held at Healesville are also provided.

In mid-June each year a 3-day Film Festival is held at The Arts Centre, Warburton, attracting local and visiting film lovers alike. The Warburton Film Festival is our major activity of the Year. 

In February/March each year a 1-day Mini Film Festival is held at the Memo in Healesville.

Film Festivals 2019

The Warburton Film Festival 2019 was held on June 14 - 16.

Our most successful festival yet!

Bernie Shakeshaft from Back Track Youth Works was a special guest at the opening night screening of BACKTRACK BOYS.

THE INSULT rated highly with our audience.

Healesville Mini Film Festival 2019

This was held on Sunday, March 3 and featured 3 of the films of famed Japanese director, Akira Kurosawa:




Kurosawa's films proved to be as alive and entertaining today as they were when first released to western audiences in the 50s and 60s, and this was reflected in the positive scores given by audience members.