Film Library

The Film Society maintains a growing collection of films, mainly in DVD format, for use by members. Local libraries of feature films are held separately at Healesville for loan to Healesville members and at Warburton for loan to Warburton members. 

The films consist of: 

  • Feature Films, most of which have been shown at monthly screenings, or at Film Festivals, or which have been donated; 
  • Short Films, most of which are by young filmmakers and have been shown as part of the Society’s ‘Show Us Your Shorts’ competitions since their inception in 2009.


Our catalogue of films is shown below. Please note that only one copy of each DVD or Blu-Ray disc  is held at each of the two local libraries.


film catalogue


Section 1             Feature  Films

See the attached tabulation which lists all feature films in the Society’s collection.

Feature films are available on loan for up to one month from the relevant custodian, currently Jim Cluberton at Warburton and Phil Smith at Healesville. The collection is brought by each custodian to each monthly meeting for loans and returns at Warburton and  Healesville respectively; however other arrangements may be made directly with the relevant custodian.  Each borrowed DVD must be returned to the Arts Centre or The Memo, as applicable, no later than the next screening night.

Section 2            Short Films

See the attached tabulation which lists all award-winning short films which have been entered in the SUYS competitions and screened at the 2008 - 2022 Warburton Film Festivals.  USB storage sticks holding all of the short films listed for each year are available for loan. If interested, please consult the library custodian at your venue.

Please note: As from 2023, the feature film library will no longer operate.